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Everyone knows the single best way to prospect for new buyers and sellers is to cold call. So why isn’t everyone doing it?


Cold calling is time consuming, has been made more difficult with state & federal regulations, and let’s admit it, not a lot of fun. That’s why top agents across the nation are using CDI Realty to do their phone prospecting for them. CDI uses licensed real estate agents to make calls on your behalf to your market. You use our agents as your personal assistant to identify who is planning on buying or selling a home in your key market. With CDI, there are no excuses not to use the single most effective real estate marketing tool.

CDI Membership Highlights

Protect yourself from
“Do Not Call” fines

Increase your listings inventory.
We can literally develop as much
new business as you desire.

Increase your name recognition.
Make your name a household “brand”.

We tell you who is planning on buying or selling, their motivation, time frame and find when they want you to call them. Beat your competition by identifying your prospects before your competition can get a postage stamp on their latest mailer!

Exclusivity! No other real estate agent will have your territory.

Extremely cost effective. One closing will usually pay for our services!

Professional, personally tailored services. All Research Associates are licensed real estate agents working under our direct supervision.

Eliminate ups and downs in your cash flow. Streamline your business.

Top agents nationwide use us! Check out our Testimonials.

If you are a licensed real estate agent or broker interested in learning more about how to use CDI in your business, please fill out the form below and someone will contact you right away. You will also be a automatically entered to win 200 FREE calls.