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Cannon Data-Systems, Inc. Residential Real Estate Services

Founded in March 2013 (as Cannon Data, Inc.) in concert with some of the area’s top residential real estate professionals, Cannon Data-Systems, Inc. (“CDI”) is a unique real estate company which neither lists nor sells residential real estate. CDI is a licensed Texas Real Estate Company which has become the nations quintessential real estate marketing company.

For years, the sales industry has touted the advantages of cold calling for prospects. However, for the busy professional, cold calling is a poor use of time. Almost everyone in Real Estate acknowledges the benefits of cold calling, but most resist doing it. And those few who practice cold calling, do so infrequently.

CDI offers a professional service that provides the best of both worlds for real estate agents we serve. Now you can enjoy the benefits without doing all the work. CDI has condensed the ideas and methods utilized by hundreds of the nation’s top real estate professionals into a dynamic and personalized dialog which utilizes your name, company name, and credentials to generate leads on your behalf. CDI leads provide you with home owners who are planning to buy or sell and who are expecting your personal contact. With CDI on your team you can spend more of your time in the listing and closing activity while we provide the prospects.

Each research associate employed by CDI is a licensed real estate agent (most have college degrees) thoroughly trained by CDI specifically for this very important work. And because we are a real estate firm, we are very sensitive of the importance of your reputation. We handle your business as though it were our own.

Our marketing agreements are exclusive by zip code area. We only work with one agent in each zip code area. We are dedicated to helping you generate more business and gain additional market share.

We invite you to become better acquainted with our services by calling us at 214-599-0065.

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