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Q. Is it still legal to make cold calls?
A. Yes- Federal Laws do not prohibit cold calls- but do prevent calls made to consumers who sign up for a state or the federal “Do Not Call” Registry.

Q. How many consumers have signed for the Federal “DNC” registry?
A. Approximately 50 Million numbers have been registered, but each consumer can sign up for as many as 3 different numbers, so the impact isn’t as many homes as registered.

Q. My state has a “Do Not Call” law in addition to the Federal law – which one takes precedent?
A. The most restrictive law is the one that takes precedent. For example, if your state law does not exempt real estate agents from it’s DNC restrictions; the Federal law which has no exemptions is the law you must follow.

Q. Haven’t the courts overturned the Federal law?
A. No – The latest appeal re-instated the law but it appears the supreme court will eventually rule on the legislation.

Q. Have CDI lead pecentages been impacted by the DNC regulations?
A. No. Since the October 1, 2003 effective date of the Federal DNC law, our lead percentage is slightly up. However, we don’t know if it is due to removing uninterested homeowners from the data base via the DNC registry, or the fact that leads usually increase from fall through spring.

Q. Per DNC regulations-who are responsible for the calls CDI makes, the agent you call for or CDI?
A. CDI is registered with the FTC as the marketer and seller thus taking sole responsibility for all calls made by CDI personnel. Our agreement also has identification for CDI customers from all DNC complaints resulting from a call at our location.

Q. What steps have CDI taken to insure Compliance?
A. We have a contract with a software company that “scrubs” or removes all phone numbers from our data base that are registered with a state or federal DNC registry.

Q. What happens if a number is dialed in error to a DNC registered phone number?
A. The Federal law and many state laws provide for “safe harbor” if a company demonstrates the following:

  • established and implemented written procedures to comply with DNC laws
  • the company has trained personel in DNC procedures
  • maintenance of a company specific DNC list
  • scrubbing of call list against the National DNC Registry at least every 3 months and records of such
  • monitoring and enforcement of compliance via internal procedures

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