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  1. Follow-Up Schedule
    Initial Contact: 3-5 days after CDI call
    It is imperative that you make that first initial contact after your marketing assistant (CDI rep) introduces you to the homeowner within 3 to 5 days. Let them know up front that you appreciate the time they spent speaking with your marketing assistant. Gather further details, if necessary, to understand their wants and needs. Assure them that you will be following up with them periodically to keep in touch with them and the real estate market in your area. Assure them, if applicable, that you are selling homes in their area right now. Assure them that you are the realtor to contact when they are ready. Assure them that you have an inventory of homes and buyers ready to buy when they are ready. Try to make an appointment to meet personally with them to discuss your services and resources.
  2. Quarterly written follow-up
    Do not merely add these names and addresses to your farming database. These are warm leads, they must be cultivated into hot leads. Give them the personal service they want. Send them personal notes, with their names clearly marked on the mailing. Even write them a short note that you are thinking of them and ask them to remember you when they are ready to move. You might even offer a bit of information about the market in their neighborhood right then, i.e., “Bob and Sharon, I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know I just sold the Smith house down the street for $219,000 (rework). Your favorite Realtor, Sam Jones.”
    Come up with four to six ideas that keep your name before them so that you can “tickle” them around once a quarter. You will be amazed at the success you will achieve. The greater the name recognition you develop, the greater your business will be!
  3. Personal phone calls: every 6-9 months
    Build that personal relationship with the homeowner, so that when they are ready to move, you are the first person they call. Simply make a follow-up call every 6 to 9 months to see if their plans have changed and possibly answer any questions they may have about the current market.
  4. Narrow the margin: move as time approaches
    As you approach the timeframe they have discussed moving, you need to be on their minds. The personal phone calls and handwritten notes from you will facilitate that relationship.

Keep in mind the homeowners that take the time to speak with your marketing assistant (CDI) have shown some interest in moving, they want something. You must be there when they are ready to fulfill that want!

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