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In business since March of 2013, CDI has determined the five most crucial steps necessary to be successful with CDI marketing services.

  • Personal initial contact. You need to begin to build that relationship with the homeowner now.
  • Track every lead you receive. This will provide a marketing perspective that is essential to analyze which programs are successful for you.
  • Consistent follow-up. Design and maintain a consistent follow-up program that will trigger several steps to developing the lead into a listing and sale.
  • Continual participation. Much like joining a fitness gym, you will not have immediate success with any marketing program. You must mentally commit to at least 6 months participation, including budget and time management resources.
  • Invest more => Get more! This business is number driven. The more calls you make, the more mailers you send, the more ads you run, the more leads will develop. Determine which programs pay dividends to you and reinvest in those to receive a greater percentage of leads.

By identifying these growth opportunities up front then planning, budgeting and designing to emulate these attributes, you will be on the road to success.

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