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The following article appeared in “Real Estate Information” Spring 2003 Issue:
“Put someone to work for you”
“Imagine enjoying the benefits of cold calling without doing the work -and at a lower cost. By becoming a member of Cannon Data (CDI), it can happen to you. CDI is a licensed real estate company that neither lists nor sells properties. Drawing on more than 20 years of real estate experience and more than a quarter billion in real estate sales, the principals of CDI created an extra-ordinary tele-prospecting organization.
By being a CDI member, you will have more time to focus on listings and closings. Memberships are exclusive, which means that no other real estate professional will have your territory. Hot leads (including prospect name, address, phone number, motivation to sell, when they plan to list and when they want you to call) are phoned immediately to your voice mail. CDI is currently working in all (50) states.”

Dan with Remax. “I have been using CDI to do cold calling for me sinceJune 1998. I have received an average of 8 leads for every 500 calls they have made on my behalf. The information about each lead is faxed to me the day after the calls are made. I begin the follow-up process immediately by sending a follow-up letter with information about myself and the local real estate market. No matter when the lead asked for a call, I call them a few days after the letter is sent to introduce myself and confirm the information I received from CDI. From that point on, I send them my newsletter every month and call them at least every three months until they are ready to sell. Of course, some prospects “fall out” during the process, but I believe once you’ve filled the pipeline, and as long as you work all the leads consistently, you should average one listing for every 500 calls CDI made on your behalf. Occasionally, I will receive a lead that needs an immediate phone call. Of course, then I dispense with the letter and make the call right away to close for an appointment!”
Dan, Real Estate Agent

Samantha is with Cory & Kyle Realtors and has used CDI services since August 2002. “The program has worked well for me. I have received a number of leads, some of which have resulted in listings and sales. I utilize the suggestions on my lead sheets to determine when to follow-up with a phone call. I always send out a follow-up letter along with a business card within a couple of days after CDI places the call. All prospects are automatically added to my monthly direct mail campaign.”
Samantha, Cory & Kyle Realtors

Ed and Nadine have used CDI services since May 2003. “As for CDI, we both feel it is a very good service and we are quite satisfied. Customers have responded positively, They may not always be HOT leads. Of course, you do have to follow up on all the leads into what you want them to be. The service has more than paid for itself. As a matter of fact, I was just telling another agent about the worthwhile benefits of it yesterday! If you happen to know of anyone in the Atlanta area needing to buy or sell real estate, we would love it if you would pass along our name.”
Ed & Nadine , Real Estate Agent

After using CDI with success in Maryland, I decided to give my real estate career a jumpstart When I moved to Houston. With listings being the key to the business, I knew CDI would provide me with the perfect opportunity to break in the market. With the first set of calls, I went on 3 listings appointments within a week, two of which are expected to list with in one month!
Jane, Real Estate Agent

I received a CDI lead that said they would be ready to sell next year. I found them a home they loved and they listed their existing home with me and sold their home in 30 days. Even better, another CDI lead allowed me to find a homeowner a home in 45 minutes, then listed and sold their home all in 1.5 hours.
Louise , Houston Banker

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